welcome to my online store! here you'll find a selection of products that I've created with the aim of democratizing my artistic approach and bringing art into your home in a different way. the ideation and curation of the various items are based on my own tastes and on what is useful to me in my lifestyle. the boutique is also a good excuse to collaborate with artisan friends and partners who inspire me. 

official bio:

LeBicar is a multidisciplinary visual artist who shares his vision through his contrasting, minimalist and assumed creations. his work, easily recognizable by his characteristic pencil stroke, always carries a strong message of optimism, which the artist conveys through canvases, sculptures, murals, illustrations and more. his past as a youth social worker allows him to integrate a social and human side in his practice, while his experience as an art director in an agency gives him an excellent understanding of the reality of his collaborators.